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4. Gerson extended – Juliette Roding

Gerson extended: artists of the Low Countries in Denmark, 1500-1700

Juliette Roding

Translated by Marilyn Hedges

The more than twenty pages that Gerson devotes to the dispersal and impact of Netherlandish painting in Denmark give a remarkably complete picture of the Dutch artists who worked in Denmark or who produced paintings in the Republic for export to Denmark. He had painstakingly studied all the sources available to him, which accounts for the 200 or so names of artists and collectors included in his chapter on Denmark published in 1942. This contribution puts Gerson’s chapter in a broader cultural-historical context. The intention is not to revisit all artists treated by Gerson. Rather, several artists will be included whom are not mentioned in his book.

Antonie van Steenwinckel, Self-portrait of Antonie van Steenwinckel and his wife, c. 1678-1685

Antonie van Steenwinckel
Self-portrait of Antonie van Steenwinckel and his wife c. 1678-1685
oil paint / canvas, 85 x 64 cm
upper left :  Steenwinkel / og / Hùsfrù / Ipse pinxit
Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, Antwerp


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