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9. TOUSSAINT GELTON - Gustav Rasmussen

Toussaint Gelton

A translated and illustrated article previously published in Kunstmuseet Aarsskrift 3 (1916), pp. 133-142*

Gustav Rasmussen
with a foreword by Karl Madsen

Translated by Hein and Annètje Horn and Juliette Roding

*Literature is quoted in the same form as in the original publication.


Toussaint Gelton, The suicide of Lucretia, dated 1671

Toussaint Gelton
The suicide of Lucretia dated 1671
oil paint / panel, 25,4 x 20,3 cm
on the back :  A/T. Gelton fecit 1671/pret 4.0.0/Lucretia
Ham House, Richmond (Surrey), no. 172303

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